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Massage in Cashiers, North Carolina

Natural Photography
Art Gallery
by Adam Pletzke

Divine Beauty

Adam has mastered his love for photography over the years, by taking pictures of spectacular moments in his journey through life.

Love, Light and Peace.

Natural Art Collection by Adam Pletzke

Imagine 107 is an Art Gallery and Massage Therapy Studio located in the heart of Cashiers, North Carolina. By combining the beauty of the Earth with human touch, Imagine 107 creates a healing place just for you.

“From the moment you enter Imagine 107’s doors, you will feel and see a whole New World”
At Imagine 107, you have the ability to help relax your body, mind and spirit with images that will fill you with peace. Let imagination dazzle your mind and allow sound to soothe your spirit.

You will feel a sense of peace and good vibes just as you enter.

Allow the combination of vibrant art, essential oil scents and peaceful healing sounds to stimulate the healing in you. Let go of all the thoughts racing in your mind, become present in this serine environment, and become one inside your own being.

You have entered the healing zone.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to meeting you and helping you transform your life through complete body wellness.

From all of us here at Imagine 107